Dublin Floor Sanding SEO Case Study


Dublin Floor Sanding Solutions, a leading provider in the floor sanding industry, aimed to revamp its digital footprint and secure a commanding position in search results. The primary goal was to elevate its online presence and improve keyword rankings for increased visibility among potential customers.


Despite its expertise in floor sanding, Dublin Floor Sanding Solutions faced challenges in standing out amidst a saturated market. The website struggled to secure top rankings for crucial floor sanding keywords, impacting its competitiveness and limiting reach.


Our comprehensive SEO strategy comprised the following key elements:

  • Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant keywords for the website.
  • Optimized website content and meta tags for targeted keywords naturally.
  • Developed a content marketing strategy to create high-quality, relevant blog posts targeting specific keywords.
  • Conducted technical SEO audit to identify and fix technical issues such as broken links, page speed, and mobile responsiveness.
  • Implemented a link-building strategy to increase the number of high-quality backlinks to the website.


Dublin Floor Sanding Solutions witnessed substantial improvements:From not ranking in the top 10 pages of search results to getting ranked on #1 position “Dublin Floor Sanding”

From nowhere in search results to getting ranked #1 position “Floor Sanding Services”

From nowhere in search results to getting ranked #2 position “floor sanding dublin”


Dublin Floor Sanding Solutions’ distinct SEO strategy successfully positioned the company as a prominent player in dublin. This success not only elevated its online visibility but also fostered increased customer trust and engagement

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